Real Food:The magazine for the way we eat today

Real Food: The magazine for the way we eat today


Real Food 2018 Editorial Calendar


A Step Up on Dinner

With a little help from packages of greens, rotisserie chicken and other ready-made items, you can get a step ahead on dinner while still keeping it healthy.

Stir-fry Suppers

Packed with flavor and good-for-you ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and more, stir-fry dishes are an easy choice for both weeknight and weekend meals.

Beyond Brunch

From huevos rancheros and savory waffles to sweet treats, morning’s meal is welcome at the table anytime of the day.

Kids in the Kitchen

With fun and easy recipes, kids from toddlers to teens can master the building blocks of cooking—and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Healthy Habits

Anti-inflammatory Foods


Fire it Up

It’s prime grilling season, and with mix and match marinades and flavorful rubs, there is something for every taste at your picnic table.

Celebration of Summer Pasta

Master the art of the quick pasta meal when the summer produce is at its peak. The flavors of vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp zucchini, vibrant greens and handfuls of fresh herbs will carry the simplest of quick meals.

American Regional Cuisine

From east to west and north to south, every corner of the country has signature dishes to explore.

Vegetarian Meals

Delicious and satisfying plant-based meals feed body and soul.

Healthy Habits

Heart-Healthy Foods


A Week of Meals

Tackle a challenge: Take about a dozen ingredients, get creative and have dinners all week.

Go-To Recipes

Dishes everyone should master and have in their recipe repertoire.

Weekend Pizzas

Skip delivery and make everyone’s favorite pizzas at home—from perfect classics to inspired gourmet pies.

A Dish to Pass

The answer to “What can I bring?” to potluck dinners.

Healthy Habits

Vitamin-Rich Foods


One-Pan Roasts

Harness the heat of your oven to make a whole meal on one pan.

Slow Cooker Superfoods

Nurturing, restorative and nutritious meals from the convenience of your slow cooker.

Creative Casseroles

Old school comforting casseroles graduate to new levels of deliciousness with healthier ingredients in the mix.

Stylish Sweets

Whip up delectable treats that look impressive but are easier to make than you might think.

Healthy Habits